Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is there going to be another LibDem decapitation strategy?

The LibDems were never very good at decapitation - it having failed miserably at the last General Election - but they are to have a second go at it here in Norwich. No, not Charlie Clarke (don't be silly) but on their own leadership.

The failure to topple Ian Couzens after the local election crushing has apparently been weighing on the minds of LibDem Councillor and members. I think that the LibDems are too gutless to stage a coup this side of the next Group AGM, but...

... next May the only LibDem seats under threat from the Greens and Labour is Town Close, so there is no prospect of repeating the 6 seats lost on 4th May. Hence Cllr Couzens could be quietly "disposed of" without the need for a bloodbath that sometimes happens after a poll crushing.

And who could be orchestrating this? Well... that would be telling, but my spies say there will be more than one candidate when the vacancy arises.

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