Saturday, October 14, 2006

Labour Leader opens his heart to "Little's Log"

I am pleased that Council Leader Steve Morphew has set a few things straight regarding some of the gossip currently floating around City Hall.

Firstly he says that he will re-stand in Mile Cross. This is good news for the Mile Cross Labour Party and bad news for the LibDems.

Secondly he says that some bored hacks and loose lipped councillors have been pulling my chain regarding the so-called Labour vendetta against me. Working relationship is a-ok between us.

I am also pleased that the second highest office holder in the City (behind the Lord Mayor, who doesn't have time I'm sure) reads this blog.

Glad to set the record straight Steve.


Anonymous said...

Steve is a pleasant man doing a difficult job with little cash. Its important he sticks to the basics like traffic, housing, recycling/rubbish collecting and ASB; and should scrap Unitary ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Steve Morphew should have a blog himself, as should Adrian Green and Hereford the Ditherer, and the EEN should link them alongside yours Antony next to Dr Ian Gibson. A perfect connection (Democracy) of Politicans with their Public/Electorate. What do you thing Antony.

Antony said...

Here here.