Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blair crushed at PMQs

I know, I know.

William Hague was brilliant at PMQs and regularly beat Blair to within an inch ... and then went on to lose the 2001 election.

However it gives a boost to the Conservatives to watch Cameron do the same to Blair too. With Labour and the government on their knees, Cameron knew when to kick a man when he's down. The paper reviews today were spectacular and certainly rebuffed those who say that Cameron doesn't get stuck into Blair.

Cameron bobbed and weeved and stuck several good blows - particularly on the spat with Brown. In comparison, Sir Ming Campbell looks like a political pygmie still...

I know that a good PMQs doesn't a summer make ... but it's a good start to the autumn.

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Anonymous said...

Blair was out of his depth...very bad performance...and I think at one point he suggested that foreign secretaries should be deported (poor Margharet...)