Thursday, October 12, 2006

Giving Westminster government a bad name

Sion Simon is a former Telegraph hack, uber-Blairite and now Labour MP for a Birmingham Constituency. Yet despite holding these responsible positions, Mr Simon has appeared dressed in a T-Shirt and baseball cap declaring his name is "Dave" (Cameron) and asking voters to sleep with his wife, live in his house and take his children.

This is a disgraceful nasty personal attack from one of the House of Commons biggest hypocrites. Having been shown up to being such a nasty piece of work, you might have thought that he'd apologise - but no. Mr Simon may have given a boost to Mr Cameron's real website, but has once again lowered the extremely low name of MPs. This particular attack - on Cameron's family integrity and particularly that of his wife - was one of the nastiest things I have ever seen in politics.

Given his inability to see why this is so wrong, why isn't Labour taking action against this vile little man?

Guido has the video here.


Anonymous said...

All publicity is good. It sounds like satire gone wrong

Antony said...

No, he's a prat and has just blown his chances of being a minister in Brown's government. Apparently he is now hated in Westminster.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the video for the first time, I admitted I laughed.
I don't think the aim of Simon was to be nasty*, but to make fun of Cameron.
Many said it was pathetic, but I think it was meant to show how Cameron's original webcasts can be pretty pathetic too

* I suppose it depends on the point of views..I found some parts tasteless, but not very nasty. On the other hand I found Osborne supposed jokes about Brown nasty, whilst Tory commentators found them funny.