Thursday, October 26, 2006

And to think that we pay Bob's wages

Bob Russell is the Member of Parliament for Colchester and has a reputation for being clever and a decent constituency MP. So why does he get involved in stupid things like this?

Bob got upset when a Downing Street briefing referred to the "black market". Bob believes this, like persumably any phrase with the word "black" in it, is racist and tried to make political capital out of slamming No.10.

Bob thinks we should call it the "grey market" - although apparently senior citizens groups are outraged at the LibDem MPs suggestion. Can't think why...

I don't like the PC culture but have to admit that it has benefited the country in many ways. The good work of the PC culture is being drowned out by this nonsense. And to think, we mere taxpayers forked out for Bob's time to make such a silly complain.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Blackcurrent, Blackberry, Blackmail, Blackbird, Blackguard, Blackboard, Blacksmith, Blackthorn, Black mark, Black Comedy, Blackburn Rovers, Blackball,Lampblack, Black friday, Black Knight, Black Prince, Black propaganda, In the Black, Blackfly, Black Watch, Penny Black, Black Death, Black Pepper we have to change all these to Grey to accomodate PCers?