Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Poll joy for Cameron as Tories take 10 point lead

David Cameron will no doubt be toasting ICM tonight as a mixture of the Tory tax proposals and the shock (a-hem) resignation of Clare Short from Labour have rocketed the party into poll position.

Cameron's Conservatives are now at 39%, whilst Labour have collapsed to 29%. Sir Ming's LibDems trail even the unpopular Blairite government at 22%.

According to leading election experts such a result if reproduced at a general election would give David Cameron a working Commons majority.

Seats that would fall to the Conservatives would include Norwich North and Great Yarmouth. Charles Clarke's majority over the Conservatives would be slashed to just 378 in Norwich South ... one more heave guys?


Anonymous said...

heave? thrust is more my thing :-P lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tone, you know as well as I that various polls have given the Tories completely different leads. It is true that the Tories are probably ahead in real terms, as the trend of opinion polls has favoured them in a big way, but it should still be noted, opinion polls are not pure truth, as you well know.

One more heave? Maybe, but it's still a long time before we'll see another election; the Conservative party will have to keep up this momentum for a good while yet.