Wednesday, October 25, 2006

EDP slams Norwich South LibDems for being secretive

The EDP has been stalking Tory selection processes for as long as can be remember and one man, political editor Chris Fisher, has almost made a career of it. In today's column he talks about how positive and open the recent spate of Tory selections has been - after a few jitters, both Mid Norfolk and Great Yarmouth Tories have been open and democractic in their selection procedures including inviting non-Tory members to contribute. Mr Fisher compares this to the secretive world of the Norwich South LibDems where one day, bish-bang-bong, Simon Wright appears as their PPC. The LibDems then have the nerve to complain that the Tories have got loads of coverage and their man got very, very little. Mr Fisher says they would have reported on it if the LibDems had told the press that they were selecting! Maybe Chris had ought to read my blog which had been predicting this for months? Anyway, Chris Fisher then blasts the LibDems for keeping their selections quiet and praises the openness of the Conservatives. Nice to be praised for a change.

However, I can't help this feeling that the reason that the Norwich South LibDems kept their selection contest a secret was because of the man that they were about to select. Simon Wright is not a hard working local campaigner, nor a national 'A' Lister, but a full time LibDem politican in the paid employ of the party. He quit work as a teacher in order to fulfill his political ambitions. He represents Fakenham whilst living in Eaton and has some very fruity political opinions to boot. He is interested in getting elected as an MP rather than serving a community as their MP.

The Tories are open about their selections because our candidates are good, strong, campaigners with positive track records.

The LibDems stay silent about their selections because they are embarrassed about their candidates, their pasts and political motives.


Anonymous said...

Mr Little, are you willing to state the evidence on which your opinion of Lib Dem PPC Wright is based, in particular your view that he "has some very fruity political opinions". I would be interested.

I agree that the Tories are open about their selections and I feel this is important as a demonstration of democracy.
However I might describe one of your recent picks as a pop star I've never heard of rather than a "good, strong campaigner" but hey one can be both.

I do hope you allow this message to be posted. I enjoy reading your blog: it has a vulgar charm.

Regards SG

Antony said...

Hi SG, glad you like the blog - I am quite flattered to be regarded as "vulgar".

Anyway, back to the plot.

Of course I am not going to reveal my sources of Fakenham Cllr Simon Wright's rather interesting political views. I have evidence a plenty but I am not going to publish it on my blog now ... the Tory PPC for Norwich South (whoever that is) may enjoy it nearer to the General Election.

Glad also that you think the Tory selections are open compared to the secret LibDem ones.

I take it you refer to failed pop star but current Tory darling Adam Ricketts. When I failed to get on the A List, both myself and a lot of people used Mr Ricketts as a lightening rod for our anger. But if you take time to research and look into Mr Rickett's background outside of Corrie you will be impressed. He is clearly an intelligent guy and (unlike some on the A List) has a strong record of campaigning for the party. He'll make a great MP for the Party and I hope that the right seat selects him.