Monday, October 02, 2006

Review of Tory Conference: Day Two, Monday

The conference was dominated by the speeches by the public services team - Health Spokesman Andrew Lansley and Education Spokesman David Willetts - and also by David Davis on beating crime.

But the two most interesting things happened away from the conference floor. Firstly the row over Tory donors and the role of CCS within the party. The media are, bless 'em, trying their best but Cameron has disarmed this story with his frank answers. Cameron is more and more relying on honesty - and it seems to be paying off. Cameron said that the party works within the law and that he had rewarded no donor with a peerage. Class act.

Secondly was the film with BBC anchor man Huw Edwards, shwon tonight at 10pm. Cameron came across extremely well and it showed him as very human. He tackled all of the issues head on. Such films - second on the running order - will certainly impact on the voters far more than the first issue.

Letwin did a good job on Newsnight.

Here in Norwich South, the good folk of Sunningdale, the Groves, Eaton village and the Branksomes got the Tory treatment. This evenning I was out with a team from Norwich North in Catton Grove too.

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Sorry Boris 3.What a load of junk on Jamie Oliver's initiatives. Boris, however colourful is prone to gaffs. Photographed with Coca cola drink in hand, must account for the extended waist. Doh!!!