Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Homes, Old Problems

Grafitti, litter, fly tipping, cutting trees, speeding, street cleaning ... all problems faced by every community, right?

Of course, but whereas you could go straight to your council or councillor to sort out those problems people in Three Score don't have that luxury.

You see Three Score is a new development (well, by new, we mean four years old) and as such all of these jobs seem to lie with the developers and not the council. But do the developers do what they are told? Don't hold your breath.

But wait a moment - do the people of Three Score get a council tax reduction because they get fewer services? Of course not - living in Bowthorpe means paying all the tax and getting fewer services.

This is a disgrace and should be sorted. ASAP.

UPDATE: An equally bizarre fact came to my attention tonight. Whilst, for example, Bladewater Road and Mardle Street are not adopted, the pathways that links them is. Could the system be any more complex?

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