Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Now Hereward Cooke thinks he's an MP

A while ago a LibDem activist told me that he thought that then-Deputy Leader Cllr Hereward Cooke may have bene losing it a bit. The now-Leader of the Opposition thinks he is an MP ... well, given some comments from tonight's council meeting anyway. Take a look...

"This motion bought before the House" - for House, read Council Chamber


"What is written down here on the order paper" - for order paper, read council agenda

A few of us in that council want to be MPs, but pretending you are is going a bit far!

p.s. Interesting that outgoing LibDem Leader Ian Couzens insisted on speaking to nearly every debate as well as incoming Leader Hereward Cooke. Whilst the real Deputy Leader Brian Watkins said nothing. Does Couzens think he's made a mistake?

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