Friday, October 13, 2006

Mid Norfolk Tories to select on ability

Lots of foaming mouths over at ConservativeHome as the Mid Norfolk Conservatives shock the world by proclaiming they'll select their candidate based upon ability rather than by some kind of 50:50 gender ratio. I'm sure the EDP (and Mr Fisher) will be seething too, but the fact that so many candidates have withdrawn means that local chaps James Tumbridge (who lost Norwich North in 2005) and John Flack )Regional Deputy Chairman) get another bite at the cherry despite losing out first time around.

Mid Norfolk Tories should stick to their guns - and pick the best person for the job.


Anonymous said...

the final 4 is out...interesting that 2 candidates originally eliminated in the previous stage made it to the final round in the end

Johnny Norfolk said...

We did pick the best candidate.