Thursday, October 26, 2006

39-31-16 - vital statistics

I love opinion polls (it's the teacher in me...) and tonight Sky is reporting that YouGov have Cameron on 39%, Labour on 31% and dear old Sir Ming down there on 16%.

That puts Yarmouth and Norwich North into the blue column still but does at least give Charlie a majority of 970 over the Conservatives, according to the Baxter site.

He's still in our sights...


Anonymous said...

The worrying thing is that Cameron's rating is falling, and that is before he has released a policy!

Antony said...

Falling? On the three most vital questions Cameron is climbing still:

1. Voting Intention - from 31 to 33 to 34 to 36 and now to 39.
2. Best potential PM, from lagging well behind Brown to being well ahead
3. Preferred government - 31 up to 46 for a Conservative government.

Cameron is going well, I'm very happy with his progress.

Anonymous said...

True, but the Conservatives in Norfolk and Suffolk aren't going to do that well if they do not ditch their incinerator support at county level