Thursday, October 26, 2006

LibDems targeting this blog? Don't make me laugh

I do this blog because I have the time and energy to do so. People can log on and see what I'm up to and read my views on various issues.

However recently I have had a lot of comments from "annonymous" people complaining about this, that and everything. That's OK, I love political discourse. The past few days I have had several all of which fall into a certain pattern. It goes like this.

"I have been a Conservative voter for 114 years until I read this blog. You are being so horrible towards those jolly nice LibDems that I have switched my allegance of a thousand years and will be backing Sir Ming and his yellow troops. You are the worst kind of Tory and I hope you perish in as vile a way as possible."

Again, I quite like the cute notion that die hard Thatcherites read this blog and suddenly start trying on their first pair of sandals.

But to recieve that many in just a few days? "Shurly Shome Mistake?"

Well, no ... one of their number has let slip that this is part of a "LibDem campaign to discredit" me and this blog! Oh dear, the e-equivalent of writing a letter in green ink.

Firstly, why bother? And secondly ... why bother?

I'm not so sure that any number of LibDems have the time and energy to do so but if there are any likely lads (or ladettes) out there doing so, I'm glad to waste your time!


Anonymous said...

Dear Antony,

I read your blog every day because i was a sado libdem without a real life of my own. But you've opened my eyes and brought enlightenment into my little world.

I'm voting conservative at the next election

Antony said...

LOL Amazing!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing to establish the facts regarding the appalling allegations that Cadmium was sprayed over parts of Norwich and Norfolk, possibly causing many cancers?