Saturday, October 07, 2006

Who should be the next MP for Mid Norfolk?

A Conservative, of course, but which one? The plum Tory seat is selecting this week from the 20 remaining hopefuls - 18 of David Cameron's A-Listers and 2 local candidates.

Unlike many seats Mid Norfolk isn't a single coherent community constituency and should be one of the safest Tory berths in the country. Some people have called for the locals to reject the biased and unwanted A Listers (Corrie star Adam Rickett has been plastered all over the EDP saying he'd give all manner of bodily parts for the seat - wouldn't we all, darling?). Others have said that this seat should select somebody who'll make the frontbench (and the ministerial limo) straight away. Others say they should choose somebody young who can grow into being a star.

As I didn't apply for Mid Norfolk and had no interest in doing so, I feel I can comment from a position of objectivity.

I am opposed to the A List and feel that some seats should be fought by local people capable of overturning key Labour and LibDem majorities. However, if we are to support Cameron and make the A List work, then Mid Norfolk must be one of the seats that selects from it. Whoever is selected will work hard and become a part of the community. This is a banker seat and perfect for an A List candidate who can demonstarte how the party is changing.

Who should it be? I don't know, but when Gillian Shepherd stood down we have had a vacancy for a strong female Conservative MP in Norfolk.

An 'A' Lister would be good, a female candidate would be good, a future cabinet minister would be good. As long as they are a Conservative, I will be happy.


Anonymous said...

A list or not. Environmental affininity welcome. For me the main criteria is they oppose Incineration of waste, and is not a personal mate of Ian Monson. Otherwise ASB housing and jobsand they can't do much else wrong!

Anonymous said...

You didn't think you could leave that hanging so, did you?

So why didn't you apply?

Anonymous said...

Personally I think you should stand as the local candidate Antony.

Antony said...

Mid Norfolk isn't the seat for me. Trust ne. However I do hope to be a Norfolk MP at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another run off against Charles Clarke again in Norwich South then? With Adrian Ramsay (Greens)and Simon Wright (LibDems) also candidates.