Thursday, October 12, 2006

Giving local democracy a bad name

As you might have guessed from this blog I like Steve Morphew - he is by far the best Labour Leader in a long time, he is competent and has the long term city interest at heart. Yet tonight I learn that he has refused to help a UEA student with his dissertation because he is doing so under my tutorage. Cllr Morphew is holding a sword above the head of a good student because of his percieved "row" with me (one sided, as far as I'm concerned). He even cited this blog as his reason why.

The UEA student is party politics free and is working with me because UEA's Prof. Greenaway approached me to work with him. I agreed because I have his best interest at heart. Yet, despite representatives from Greens, Tories and LibDems agreeing to work with him, Cllr Morphew (and thus Labour) refuse to help. My head is in my hands over this one.

Why Steve, why?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Rumours flying among the Lib Dem councillors are they have recognised one of the reasons they lost power last May (other than the City finances, was their prevaricating position on the Costessey Incinerator, and that Hereward Cooke and Co are about to reject incineration like their South Norfolk Cousins.

Anonymous said...

You you must have really got under Morph's skin on Unitary status and abandoning his Mile Cross ward seat for Catton.

Antony said...

Thanks annon - I can only assume so. Labour are spending far more time targetting the Tories rather than the others. They shouldn't take their eye off the ball - they need to hold seats in Uni and Lakenham. Cooke is turning into the Norwich Ming - respected as a Deputy but a joke as a leader. Not my view, but from a LibDem.