Thursday, April 12, 2007

The SNP leopard can't change its spots

The greatest strenght, and greatest weakness, of the SNP is the central policy of independence. In years gone by the overwhelming majority of Scots who don't want to break way from the UK have moved away from the SNP because of that.

Now, with Labour in the political gutter, many left-leaning voters are looking for a new home. If you wanted an alternative reforming left wing government you would look to the SNP rather than Labour. But that whole independence thing still puts you off, doesn't it?

So that's why the SNP are promising a referendum (something they never did in 2003 - saying that a vote for the SNP was a vote for Independence!) and have moved the issue to the backburner. To gather up all those disgruntled ex-Labour voters who need a home.

But if you do put the destruction of our nation at the back of your mind, the SNP aren't so bad are they?

Well, if you do vote for the SNP don't be surprised if the kitten you thought you voted for turns out to be a leopard. And believe me, those spots don't change.

Alex Salmond has worked his whole political life for an Independent Scotland - it will pre-occupy every moment of his time as First Minister. He is single-minded - almost a one-policy man. From the moment his feets go under the desk, you know what he'll be plotting. And it ain't cutting crime or improving the NHS.

So before you think the SNP are a viable alternative for Scotland, think about what spots they might be hiding.


Anonymous said...

Alex Salmon is like Ken Livingstone, he has traded initial idealism for more pragmatic way of operating.

Arguements like Scotish independence is good for the English democracy, Scottish independence is good economically for England and Scotland.

Few people are going to vote LibDem,\and a huge smidgen less for the Scottish Tories.

Personally I welcome Scotish independence as an English voter. I'd also welcome Northern Irish idependence.

Antony said...

I think the Scottish Tories and the LibDems will both do well but I think a decline for all the other parties.

Anonymous said...

Antony-you don't really believe the SNP vote is going to fall do you?

What a piece of misjudgement if you do!

As does anonymous, I think your nation is England, mine is Scotland.

jwsalerts said...

What a load of drivel
Scotland will be independent soon enough and once it happens it will not be a disaster - well not for Scotland anyway, perhaps when it realises it no longer has the oil revenues amongst many things to put into it's treasury.


Antony said...

Sorry, jpj2, I didn't explain that well. Labour are clearly in freefall - by other parties I meant Green, SSP, Solidarity et al.

The SNP will get more seats and more votes - but I still wouldn't trust them to run the proverbial whelk-stall, let alone something as important as Scotland.

Scotland won't become Independent anyday soon because the people are massivly against - and even the SNP would now put it to a referendum! If it were to happen it wouldn't be a disaster but the quality of life would fall and taxes would rise.

May 3rd - let Goldie put butter on your bread!

Anonymous said...

Scotland won't become Independent anyday soon because ...Gordon Brown needs Scotlands oil and gas tax revenues, Faslane facility oh, and couldn't be prime minister in Westminster. Scottish Tories are largely a Scottish political irrelevance, and have been since the end of Margaret Thatcher although the corpse twitches every now and then.