Monday, April 16, 2007

How many horses are in the Bowthorpe race?

A few comments on the blog (which could, of course, be from one person) have said that Bowthorpe is a three horse race and that the Greens have lots of posters in the ward and are leafletting like mad.

Excuse me?

Having walked from one end of the ward to the other in the past 3 days, I have to ask where these posters are and who recieved these leaflets - because our members from Larkman to Three Score don't seem to have them. I don't see this as anything more than the usual Con-Lab tussle but I'd be interested in more information. The Greens will come a more solid third this time but that's it.

Oh and an A* to the witty resident, who shall remain nameless, who wrote to me asking if Green candidate Blair Campbell was a hybrid of Tony and Alastair!


Anonymous said...

Well Tone,

Me being the politico I am, today I bumped into a top-notch Green Party insider (you probably know who I mean) and he reckons that this is one of the worst elections that they've ever organised. Lack of leaflets, canvassing etc etc. The Greens, he said, are dangerously lacking in supporters (ie volunteers to help with this kind of thing). Anyway that should clear all that up!

Kind regards,

"Big Joe" Gardiner

Anonymous said...

Greens? Bowthorpe? Nah!

They need to get their posters up in Thorpe Hamlet - now that would be interesting