Friday, April 13, 2007

A burning issue?

According to today's EEN, the Green Party are plotting to ban the use of goldfish as prizes at funfairs et al held on council property.

What a shame that the Greens, who have worked so hard to make themselves seem like an alternative council leadership, now choose to go down the route of bonkers politics - a roadmap normally held by the LibDems.

Or have I got this totally wrong? Please help me out here.

Is the sale or use of goldfish a major political issue? Nobody has mentioned it on the doorsteps yet the Greens are making headlines about it.

Forget the Quality Bus Partnership, the Unitary Bid, affordable housing, council tax levels, combating anti-social behaviour or improving recycling - we know what will be crossing the Chief Executive's desk on the first day of a Green-led City Council.

I can only assume that this was a silly publicity stunt by the Greens ... unless blog readers put me right on this.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a bit of bored piece of EEN journalism to me fro Chapelfield, NDR and the other major issues you mention should be the issues that really affect voters, with bigger fish to fry, IMHO. EEN have been particularly poor in their coverage of recycling with the larger share going on ASB campaign, albeit a very important issue.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this blog reflect nots a peripheral issue such as goldfish, but Norwich Tories feeling the heat from true Greens in wards like Bowthorpe and elsewhere. Many Tories come across a "Cosmetic Greens" like Chameleon Dave, and wear the right coat at the right doorstep, and discards them once doorstep opinion migrates off the burning issues.

Anonymous said...

Ask any parent whose kid has won a bloody gold fish - the greens could be onto a winner (well about 12 votes anyway)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Greens would be better raising the issue of 2 degree C, not to late; rather than Bit and Bot at Chapelfield!


Anonymous said...

It will not be goldfish that left the Greens down, it will be Rupert Reads loopy ideas on controlling the First bus contract in Norwich. No business plan, costs, o what the added expense to the council tax payer, on indeed whether bus drivers or services will be any better under a different regime. It might get worst in the amateur fingers of Green councillors with little business or transport management experience. Until now Greens were looking good. Trust Cllr Read to blow it for them!

Anonymous said...

Hereward Cooke hit the nail on the head this week with Green issues. There are practical common sense green policies that attract most voters like recycling, then their are the more futuristic wacky blue sky inventions that voters think ???, no thanks, not just yet. Green manifesto contains a few of these, seemingly mixed in with micro issues, anti issues and lashings of utopian social justice.