Tuesday, April 10, 2007

UKIP - hypocrites or just not very bright?

UKIP in Norwich may be celebrating their launch of three candidates for the 3rd May poll (out of a total possible thirteen), but they don't seem to have thought through their campaign very well.

There is a lovely glossy UKIP leaflet doing the rounds at the moment ... the problem? It is printed in Germany.

Not very patriotic - and persumably access to cheap German printers is something UKIP would want to deny other people.

UKIP are something of a joke and if this is the standard of their campaign, I don't think any party has too much to fear!


Anonymous said...

UKIP are an irrelevance at the local city and county level. Europe is a national and EU issue! Its like voting for a councilor for opposing Trident, or Chinese trade Links

Anonymous said...


Actually, its you that's not being very bright. UKIP is fully in favour of international trade, including with our current EU partners. So German printers or French wine etc etc will be quite acceptable. Also, UKIP's local message is much greater independence for local councils from central government.You need to get up to speed and stop living in the past.