Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Family Easter

I can't remember the last time I had the whole of Easter (well, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday) off but it certainly was fun. We are well advnaced with the election so I stood the troops down this year for a bit of R&R - which I understand was both well earned and well enjoyed in all quaters!

Friday morning Emily was off on an Easter Egg Hunt - and loved every minute of it! She is turning into quite a chatterbox (god knows where she gets that from!) and replayed her finds all day. We were surprised she could do it - the hunt was clearly too easy! In the afternoon we were with family for a big get-together - great fun.

Saturday was a very relaxed campainging day - more of a saunter round than hard core campaigning I feel! In the morning I joined Eve Collishaw's campaign team in Catton Grove to visit some of the many new build properties in the ward - an amazing array of teething problem queries were raised, and Eve is getting to grips with those today. In the afternoon we canvassed in Chapel Break. I am still surprised that, given that Labour polled over 900 votes last year, we meet so few people who are out-and-out Labour voters. Are they lying, hiding or just totally unsure?

Easter Sunday was spent at my parents place in London and at a quite fantastic BBQ at my brother's house. It made a great change from the normal turkey fare and the weather was superb. Emily, of course, ended up soaked playing with cousin Francis and I have to say that the pimms punch wasn't bad either ;-)

I hope you all had a great Eastertime too!

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