Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is it me, or are Tory Leaders getting younger these days?

With the news that Norfolk Conservatives have chosen 36 year-old Daniel Cox as their new Leader, it seems that Tory chiefs are getting younger.

After all, the member for Wymondham joins David Cameron (who was 39 when elected) and, of course, the youthful Tory Leader of Norwich City Conservatives (who was 27 when voted in)!!!

Seriously, congratulations Daniel - I hope you get a hold of the reigns at County Hall and show us what a decent Conservative Council can achieve! Well Done - we all have high hopes for you!


Gavin Ayling said...

Yes, but I heard that Norwich one's rubbish ;-)

Antony said...

Is that Norwich, spelt A-D-U-R?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am honoured to be leading Norfolk County Council at such an exciting time in local government. Whether or not Brown takes over from Blair, or Cameron takes over from either of them, I believe that the pendulum is firmly swinging away from central government’s command and control.

I will be looking to build upon the work of my predecessor, Shaun Murphy who, ably assisted by the cabinet and officers, has taken Norfolk County Council to be recognised as a 4 star, excellent authority, achieving Beacon status for our services and delivering improved value for money.

Our services must continue to improve. Not just to shoot for the Audit Commission’s stars or to tick the right boxes for the DCLG, but because our residents deserve the best. We do face many challenges. Not least the Comprehensive Spending Review this year, we are likely to have an estimated funding deficit of £25million and although our efficiency project continues to make good progress, we will all be faced with difficult decisions and choices

Anonymous said...

Revolving door??

Antony said...

I think Murphy had a lot of guts stepping down when he did. Hardly a revolving door ... how many Labour leaders have there been in this time? Can anyone name the Labour leader?