Monday, April 16, 2007

People the Greens are welcome to (but should treat with caution) - No. 112

Following the news that political dynamo Dawn Castle-Green has jumped ship from the LibDems to the Greens, it turns out another former Councillor has also done the dirty on the yellow party.

Simon Richardson was the Mousehold Councillor from 2000-2004 and made virtually no impact at all. He is most famous for standing in Bowthorpe in 2006 and having the cheek to put out a leaflet claiming that the Tories were out of the race and that only the LibDems could beat Labour (fact check, Con Gain). Even at the count, the poor deluded Mr Richardson still believed he may yet pull off victory. Only when the returning officer showed us the result did his conceed. Amazing.

I am sure SImon worked hard for the people of Mousehold during his tenure, but the Greens has better watch out because methinks his political radar may need some fine tuning!

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Anonymous said...

Its more of a loss for the Greens than the Lib Dems. Did nothing when he was elected, I should know I lived in his ward. Stood as a candidate last time and refused to canvass and when he realised he wasn't going to win tried to change seats!