Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Goldie is the real star of the campaign

Annabel Goldie was the seemingly safe pair of hands chosen by the Scottish Conservatives after the resignation of former leader David McLetchie. Ms Goldie was seen by many to be rather dull and uninspiring - and her leadership had a rocky start. A LibDem friend of mine in Scotland even told me that Goldie was our Ming Campbell!

However, now the campaign in Scotland is almost over many people think that the only person to have come out of this enhanced is the Tory Leader. She has shone on TV debates, won over the anti-Tory media and recieved plaudits for her "bread and butter" election pledges. The Scottish campaign seems to have been run very well this time and I hope the campaigners there feel this on the ground.

Whilst McConnell (Labour's First Minister) and SNP Chief Alex Salmond slug it out, and poor LibDem Thingy Nicol delves further into obscurity, Annabel Goldie has made a name for herself. The media say it, the pundits say it and I hope the voters do. Certainly my friends in Scotland are impressed with her - but are saying they are still undecided. I hope Goldie's honesty and integrity give them cause to vote Conservative on 3rd May.

UPDATE: A text puts me right. They are happy to vote Conservative on the top-up, but as the Conservatives apparently cannot win in their local constituency they are still looking for somebody to vote for! A hand slapping for me, there!

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Anonymous said...

Tories will do nothing in Scotland because they are as relevant as the BNP or UKIP to Scotland. Only a purely Scottish centre right party in the future can have relevance if it uncouples from English conservatives.