Sunday, April 15, 2007

A successful day then...

As I made my way around this morning, leafletting from house to house, a thought struck me. Who is going to read this leaflet today? The sun is shining, the lawns are being mown and families are getting together.

I took the most sensible decision of the whole campaign so far, which put me more in touch with the public than a thousand leaflets ever could.

I went home, collected my wife and kids ... and we all went to the beach.


Anonymous said...

good move:-)
I was with the family at Winterton-on-Sea beach front on thursday. It made me wonder why would one go away for a beach holiday when we have such wonderufl areas of coastline on our doorstep. With this current weather, i am looking forwrd to much more fun on our own seaside this summer!
for those who read this and have not been, Winterton-on-Sea beach front is SSI and is fabulous and not too crowded. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Well Antony, I read the Bowthorpe matters leaflet which I thought hit all the main local issues, dispite John Wyatt only being in one photo out of 13. One my have been mistaken it was Trevor Ivory standing for election in Bowthorpe.

Saying this residents haven't had any leaflets fron the Lib Dems, City Labour or Greens, perhaps they don't care that much; so John Wyatt is ahead at this stage, in my view!

Anonymous said...

Did you then come back home?

North Norfolk had heavy sea mist all day.

A friend has recounted walking from Cromer to Overstrand in a thick jumper.

Antony said...

Labour very very quiet ... have they given up on Bowthorpe? Ditto Catton Grove. Maybe they are all in MX trying to save Steve? He is worth 2 backbenchers any day!

Anonymous said...

If I were a resident who doesn't follow who my local candidate was; I would not know who was the Green, Libdem or Labour candidates, because they have not bothered to leaflet or canvass Bowthorpe residents yet. The only leaflet today is Bowthorpe Matters by John Wyatt, so one might be forgiven for mistakingly assuming that John is standing unopposed, or it seems like it from the doorstep! Perhaps they have last week plans for "speed canvassing" like speed dating.