Sunday, April 01, 2007

Confusion over LibDem election claims

How do I know all this? I was telephoned tonight by a resident of the South Park estate to enquire about the contents of a LibDem leaflet that was mangled in his letterbox this evening.

Apparently (I haven't seen it) their new candidate, replacing former Leader Ian Couzens, claims that this election is a two horse race between Labour and the LibDems and that only the LibDems can beat Labour here etc etc.

The gentleman in question got confused by this - thinking that Eaton was a Conservative-LibDem battleground and therefore Labour had no chance of winning anyway. Which it is, and they don't.

When I explained the electoral situation in Eaton and the pattern of normal LibDem election gimmicks the gentleman seemed very annoyed indeed. Why would they ask people to vote LibDem to beat Labour if Labour couldn't win, he asked, unless they were being midleading?

Anyway, he concluded, if he had seen through it then most people would. I do hope so and I loo forward to reading that leaflet.

UPDATE: A second call about it now - interesting blunder to make on day one!

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