Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Glamerous Life of the Election Agent

Apart from holidng down a full time job, I have in the last 3 nights spent my time putting up posters, delivering leaflets, bundling up for deliverers, canvassing, printing leaflets, writing to electors and sending e-mails.

But, In the words of a certain former PM, "I'm enjoying this!"


Anonymous said...

Just need the soapbox Antony?

Anonymous said...

The only part of the Manifesto I fundimentally disagree with in the support for the NDR, which I guess in largely Eve's Norwich input. I'm against on cost, environmental, local house prices/ quality of life and congestion transference grounds. More road space breeds more cars, not a solution.

The NDR will cost £100m+, where and who will this cash come from. I will not pay for this as a Council Tax payer and Congestion Charging is also another no go as a revenue stream. No NDR!

I agree with the rest of the manifesto.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the new Tory garden boards - look like some trendy estate agent. Go back to yellow letters on vibrant royal blue - I remember when constitution hill used to have rows of them.

Anonymous said...

Shows either how apethetic people are or how bad the tories do now.