Sunday, April 01, 2007

South Norfolk LibDems: A lesson in stupidity

The unwitting Headteacher of Framlingham High School must have been chuffed when, albetit at the last moment, he was phoned to see if LibDem Education Spokeswoman Sarah Teather could pay a visit to look at the school's new facilities. A great opportunity to show how far the Sports College had come in such a short time.

He must have therefore been deeply unimpressed when bus loads of LibDem councillors and candidates came charging onto the school site, waving hideous daglo orange placards and hogging the media attention.

You see, this was no parliamentary visit but the launch of the South Norfolk LibDem manifesto for 2007 - only nobody told the Headteacher that his school was about to become a tool in a party political stunt. Furious parents contacted the local Conservatives and - pow! - it ends up all across the media.

The South Norfolk LibDems, riven with splits I understand, have real trouble holding onto the Council this year - and these kind of incidents don't do your party, let along politics per say, any good.

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