Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Full Day's Campaigning

Phew! I have been on the streets since 9am this morning and my feet need some TLC tonight! This morning I was out with a team on the streets of Eaton, delivering leaflets and talking to local people about the issues that are concerning them. Then, after a rather pleasant family lunch, we went back out onto the streets where there seemed to be fewer people to talk to. This evening it was a canvassing session in Catton Grove. It seems to be going really well there - the surprise is person after person saying that we are the only party campaigning and certainly the only party to call. Are Labour doing anything or are they just doing it quietly? If so, it is so quiet the voters aren't hearing it either! Off for a bath now...

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Anonymous said...

The only real issues that stand City Tories from City Labour/ LibDems are Unitary Status and Levels of Council Tax. City Conservatives can only make in roads against other parties by declaring this local election is a "Referendum on Unitary Status and Council Tax/ Spending".

Other issues like Recycling and ASB whilst important are a beauty contest for electors where all parties mainly agree and cover these policy issues.