Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning Committee makes the right verdict over Hay Hill

I am pleased that the committee are not just putting this through on the nod and have decided to visit the site and look at all the objections.

This decision has been shrouded with secrecy from its beginnings under the LibDems and it is right that future actions should be taken in the open and with full consultation.

More and more people are casting doubt on the suitability of Hay Hill for this art work. If we must have the art then there are more suitable sites in the City.

I have a few thoughts but suggests would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, if it were a statue of a historic and celebrated figure, perhaps, but this abstract and spaceous work needs a park or garden surrounds. For me nice work, bit pricy (but nothing can be done about this) , wrong place.

Chapelfield or Castle Gardens. Are these becoming dump areas for inappropriate and contraversal artistic blunders?

Anonymous said...

Personally I think it sound be moved to another site like Chapelfield. Why not bring Winston in a straight jacket. At least he would be easier to clean in this area that has chewing gun, pigeon droppings as well as McDonald's food and litter.

Anonymous said...

Between the Forum and Rampant Horse St? In that Tarmaced area before crossing the road to the Chapelfield retail centre direction

Anonymous said...

Antony, I have had a look at the picture of the Hay Hill sculpture, and my response is, please stop this terrible use of space and waste of public money. The sculpure whilst interesting to the artist commumity is effectively one that doesn't connect, wastes this space and is in more danger of injuring pedestrians than gaining their appreciation. Personally I think its naff and will not last 2-5 years without problems. More me its worth £10,000, not £200,000. Its a poor impression for visitors and tourist. I'm horrified about asthetics and value for money. Its not impressive or useful and is the pricier than than the average house value.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most stupid planning decisions. Councillors can't vote against it because of the legal and financial comebacks. Officers place councillors in a three line whip situation. Whats the point of a planning committee if the only decision that can be made is approval, and councillors make the decision under the threat of potential legal consequences. There was something very wrong in this decision, with conflicting interests of council liability and planning integrity, above the contraversy of nice sculpture, wrong site. This planning situation should never happen again.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently councillors were officially nobbled to give this the nod not due to planning or asthetics, but cost and legal consequence

The Norwich Evening News poll today highlights that 91% of readers thik the Sculpure is wrong for Hay Hill. Why aren't these peopled listened to, and ignored by officials know think they know better, and whats good for Hay Hill? What a waste of £200,000