Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A one-horse race?

My thanks to one eagle-eyed resident from Earlham for this gem, which I have reproduced with his permission:

"The article on your blog asked how many horses were in the race to be our Councillor. Only one horse has knocked on my door, only one horse have delivered any leaflets and only one horse has written. That horse is John Wyatt, your candidate! If Labour, the LibDems or the Greens want to win here they don't show it - maybe they are still in the stalls??? As they approach the final furlong, there seems to be a runaway winner. I know Bowthorpe is normally a photo-finish but as far as I am concerned there is only one runner and rider. I say this after years of Labour, but John Wyatt will get my vote next week. Good luck."


Anonymous said...

Sadly for democracy I have to report the same. It is a old horse race with John doing the work at the doorstep, hitting the issues and deserving to win. No labour, green or libdem leaflets, or doorknocks. They must be campaigning by telepathy! The other parties seemed to have effectively gifted the Bowthorpe seat to John by their total disinterest and electoral neglect. John deserves to win next week, as he has covered the local issues that concern people. It could have been a 3 horse race but the other two candidates didn't get out of the stable in this election, or fallen at the first fence. My postal ballet has gone in already X on the four canditate JW. I believe he's a caring bloke with maturity who is a conscienscous and excellent candidate. Good Luck John, Bowthorpe I feel will be safe in your hands.

Clover Hill Resident

PS Nice gardening tips John in your blogs, the common / down to earth touch is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Like the blog by the way Antony - I don't know if you remember me but we spoke on the doorstep and you advised me to read this. You are the only party to have called or delivered leafelts. I voted for John by post today.


Anonymous said...

6 Days to go and absolutely nothing from Greens, Labour or Lib Dems. No Leaflets. Very disappointing in my view with this lack of engagement

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps they are targeting?

I was canvassed by the tories a few years back. I used to get alot but since I said I was Lib Dem I got nothing!