Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Now that's how you launch a campaign!

Following on from the disasterous LibDem manifesto launch, I am pleased to say that the South Norfolk Conservatives seem to have got it right.

Their Leader, John Fuller, will today pulish an incredible detailed manifesto and campaign web site which is amongst the best I have seen. The party has a full slate of 46 candidates, including my friend Margaret Eastham and former UEA Chairman Will Kemp.

They also have a YouTube video to go with the manifesto launch - an excellent initiative which I believe should be "as standard", especially in council's where we hope to gain control. The time and effort that has gone into this is phenominal.

The South Norfolk Tories have a real chance this year to (finally) win back the Council and the LibDem blunders should make it easier - but shouldn't make us complacent. This council is for the taking - if we work hard enough.

Well done John - you've got a great team and you deserve success. Keep up to date with the campaign on John's blog here.


Anonymous said...

SN Conservatives have zero chance in Costessey. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

One thing about John Fuller, he's good on gloss, and probably goes to bed with his council laptop, from the number of times he's seen playing with it, amongst other gadgets during council meetings.

SN Conservatives web and manifesto is many times better presented than poorer Norwich Conservatives. Perhaps JF might offer his green gloss talents in this department!

Anonymous said...

Because Tim East is an excellent councillor. Simple!

Anonymous said...

or something to do with "burning issues" and wasted oportunities?

Anonymous said...

Well John Fullers and Co certainly cleaned out South Norfolk Lib Dems, including the Gang of four, barring Trevor Lewis. The only Lib Dems to come out with massive majorities were the New and Old Costessey Lib Dems who were rewardes for their principled opposition against the incinerator. Very telling for the other Lib Dems with lesser records. Council Tax levels/ increases and Fly tipping sound like other reasons.