Thursday, April 12, 2007

LibDem faux outrage at UEA votes issue

I think that it is crazy that the UEA has nowhere on campus for the voters of that polling district to vote on 3rd May. However, given the reaction of the LibDems you might believe that this was the greatest attack on democracy for a generation.


We should encourage people to vote but we cannot hold their hand whilst they do it. It must be easy to vote but people must also want to do it.

I live around 6 minutes walk from my polling station.

When I lived in Mardle Street, Bowthorpe, I lived a good 15 minutes walk from my polling station.

In Norwich, as in Norfolk and around the country, you have to make an effort to vote.

If students want to vote they will walk, cycle or even drive to the schoiol next to UEA to do it. If they care about voting they will make the effort and give up the few extra minutes to cast their votes. Maybe they will be so angry by this decision turnout may even rise?

If they say that they won't vote because there isn't a polling station under their noses then that is in itself contempt for democracy and on that principle vast swathes of the country, and the City, would never vote.

And, of course, there is still time for a postal vote to be arranged.

So how do we explain the LibDem outrage? Pure politics. They believe their only hope of not being totally humiliated in this ward is the student vote. They care about their campaign, not about democracy.

However, given the fact that the UEA LibDems have almost ceased to function and that the Conservatives are now by far the biggest party on campus, I wouldn't be too sure that student votes will save them.

So be assured, LibDems. Democracy carries on. At least University Tory candidate Niall Baxter (pictured) has remained calm throughout this "crisis".


Maltheus said...

I think to an extent you are right Anthony..not in full agreement on the party political point. The fact that Blackdale is probablt nearer for some students who live in the residences near the Bluebell road entrance hasn'r been highlighted either...


Anonymous said...

John Wyatt I rate and has both track record and maturity. I think Niall will struggle. His best bet IMO is to wear a greener tie and ride a bike. It is also valid that University is made up of deprived pockets where school attendence is low, especially the nearby schools, and suitable housing is in demand from students, local families etc alike.

Anonymous said...

Interesting area for Niall to look at is Quality of Life issues for UEA students at university and post university, and issues of transferable skills, transport and affordable housing.

Antony said...

I agree with you Maltheus - thinking about it, it could be easier for many students than a Nelson Court polling station would be!

Agree also about John - a great candidate hopefully about to become a great councillor. Niall will do fine although the party isn't at its strongest in Uni ward. Niall is pretty eco-up but doesn't get the chance to shine like John does.

As for a future UEA Campaign I totally agree it has to be on such quality of life issues - particularly crime and transport. Maybe one for next year?

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept. That's the most horrible shirt and tie combination I think I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

James - totally agree - polico- fashion guru required with Niall. something more sober required.

Anonymous said...

ROFL, Have you SEEN the state of Conservative soc recently Mr Little?? Their infighting has reached such an extreme they're being threatened with a ban on the union forums! As much as I hate to admit it the Greens are the largest and most active party on campus by miles. I've seen the Lib Dem soc electioneering on campus too, but no tories?? Too busy with their internal politics I guess.