Monday, April 16, 2007

Judge somebody by their friends

The Conservatives have been looking for a big name defection since Cameron became party leader. So far, certain LibDems have resisted the lure and even the Prince of Darkness Peter Mandelson has been touted (but refused by most sane Tory members).

I am pleased that tomorrow the defection will come in the shape of former Ulster Unionist Leader and peer (Lord) David Trimble. Trimble is the one of the most measured and intelligent politicians of his generation - a nobel prize winner and a man of principle. He is welcome into our party with open arms.

This defection may not surprise those who know Trimble closest nor will it send out that many shockwaves, but I alsways think you know somebody by who their friends are.

And if Cameron is bringing people like David Trimble into the party then that is very good news for us indeed.


Anonymous said...

It must be a good and healthy thing that David Trimble is moving to a non sectarian party, with UUP in meltdown or death throws.

Anonymous said...

Not too shocked - it is the Conservative and Unionist party after all. This move says very little about changes in the Conservative Party and more about the changing political landscape in Ulster that enables the likes of Trimble to move to a mainland UK party. I am confident that all things being equal Trimble would have made this move nder any Tory leader from Heath to Thatcher to the present.

Trimble's contribution to N Ireland has been immense and all the more surprising given that he won the leadership of the Ulster Unionists by presenting himself as the more hardline candidate.

Anonymous said...

Little, I am your biggest fan but have lost your email address. Do get in touch


Anonymous said...

Where is part two of the candidates?