Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fury of Earlham

In the last two days a big team of us have been out and about canvassing in North Earlham and West Earlham. Clearly these people have been ignored for a number of years because we got the full on wrath of some very irrate residents - on the plus side, if you want evidence that politics is alive and well, please do knock on some doors in the area!

The main gripe goes back to Labour - they've relied heavily on this area for generations and used to capture a big majority of the votes. Now a lot of Labour voters are too irrate to vote and a larger number are looking elsewhere - some at the LibDems, a surprising number at the Greens but mostly at the Conservatives.

Labour are arrogant, out of touch and take these people for granted - and that is just what the residents told me! Streets that aren't clean, dangerous pavements, the Shoemaker in terminal decline, grafitti everywhere and a council that doesn't seem to know where Earlham even is.

There is also a lot of geographical anger - that all the investment heads into Mile Cross or Lakenham rather than into Earlham.

These people have been let down, year after year. Many - in fact, the vast majority - won't bother to vote at all. And what have politicans done to address this? Nothing.

We need to show the people of Earlham that we can listen and we can act - and that includes Charles Clarke as well. He should spend a little less time plotting against Mr Brown and a bit more time looking at how his core voters are living.

Because at this moment in time, they aren't his core voters - they are non-voters or wavering towards the Conservatives. If we can convince them that we are serious about sorting out their problems, Earlham is a must gain seat for the Tories.


Anonymous said...

Have you never heard of New Deal for Communities?

Clearly you don't get to Earlham often enough.

Antony said...

What nonsense. If you live in the area you'll know the problems there are - and these are not being dealt with by the NDC.

Shoemaker pub? Grafitti? 20acre wood? State of pavements? Litter? Play equipment on Enfield Road? Roadsigns? EGL shops?

Judging from the response this week I am rather more in touch with people than you are.

If Labour think NDC will win them this election, I say roll on 3rd May!

Anonymous said...

If you had any understanding of the area you would realise that NDC is non political. You would also perhaps understand the scope and limits of it's remit. I was merely contradicting your misguided statement about a lack of investment in the area from any source.

Hopefully you will forward your issues about road signs and the state of the highways to your colleague Mr Cox and his conservative county council administration.

Your posting shows the glaring gap between the understanding of politico's and the community. A mere observation is treated like political point scoring. Unfortunately for you the issues in my local community are a little bigger and wider than your cheap point scoring. Fortunately for yourself, you are still young enough to learn better.

Good evening to you.

A rather insulted resident of North Earlham

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, how close is your Trafford Road address to Earlham???

Antony said...

Firstly I have never made any secret about where I live ... I even gave my home address on letters and leaflets in the 06 election and people still voted for me rather than Labour.

Secondly if you read my original blog post I said that this is what people have told me - if you have a problem with those views, they are the views of local people. Go and talk to your neighbours and see.

Still there is always time for you, at whatever age you are, to talk to your people and find out what people really think.

Having knocked on hundreds of doors in the area in the last couple of days alone I think I am rather better placed to know the views of the people I represent.

Who are you, and who do you represent?

Anonymous said...

I am one of the people who spoke to Councillor Little today. I have always voted Labour and yet I think he puts the issue here rather well. I don't know who you think you are, earlham man, but you are sadly misguided and rather out of touch with the people round here. Everything in this area goes into NELM and what about us in West earlham? Nothing. Bugegr all. It makes me sick when the city council - a labour council may i remind you - spend thousnads upon thousands in some areas and forget our estate. We are like the boil on Norwich's backside.

Neal Deal for what? New Deal for who? Because it aint for us.

More power to your elbow, keep bringing this issue up.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Antony last time and think he has been a brilliant councillor for our area.
The only gap in understanding here in yours, Earlham Man (laughing or otherwise).
I think Antony's views are more in touch than yours.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Why would the County Council want to know about road signs and roads - the City provides those services using the budget allocated by the County.

The reason that the pot is empty and there is no money is because of the lack of financial control at City Hall, not because of a lack of money from County.

It seems you don't know very much, Earlham Man. And if you got that wrong, what else don't you know?

Anonymous said...

Earlham Man, very much out of touch and off the pulse. I don't support Cllr Little on Unitary status, but he is absolutely spot on with grafitti, litter and tipping in 20 acres wood, keeping bus shelters repaired, recycle bin provision etc. and the things people see are neglected in their neighbourhood and street. Who is cleaning the grafitti up in Earlham at the moment, I can't see anyone to date.

Its the nitty gritty detail and my experience is that Cllr Little is excellent on raising such issues with the council, and follow ups. This is doing the basic councillors job, which local residents really appreciate on the doorstep.

Malbrook Rd man is more spot on, in rather more colourful but accurate analysis. It proves local issues count!

Earlham Green Lane resident

Anonymous said...

From what hear it was Cllr Little who was behind getting a new Malbrook Road street side up after the previous one was vandalised, and also following up many broken bus shelters and bus stops. Thanks for the Shoemaker, its a mess and needs knocking down ASAP with 20 new affordable 3 storey flats being built for families starting off who have the school and health facilities nearby, similar to those the other side of the health centre.

Anonymous said...

Well be haven't seen Charles Clarke in Earlham for a few years now, come to think about it!

Anonymous said...

Cameron is a K**b grafittied outside EGL newsagents in 12" white letters is not too encouraging on both counts.