Monday, November 06, 2006

The Speaker is in trouble

The House of Commons as a whole has never had very much respect for Speaker Michael Martin. Elected more or less on a Labour block-vote, breaking convention when it should have been a Conservative, I believe that Martin was the result of a dominant Labour Party in 2000 proving that they (or their majority) owned the House.

I am a strong believer in respect for such positions. Usually I would say that I wouldn't care if a coatstand was elected Speaker - I'd still respect them. But I feel I cannot say that with Speaker Martin.

His outrageous "saving" of Blair at PMQs this week was both totally pointless (in fact Tony got himself out of the situation rather well this week) but also badly handled. Clever Cameron won't make an official complainy but if Tory MPs do either stage a walkout or not listen to him, then what remains of his credibility will crumble. You see whilst Tories make up a significant minority of the Commons, losing the trust of a section of the House could be damaging.

The ever-reliable Mail on Sunday reported yesterday that Speaker Martin only wants 2 things in political life. To out-do Boothroyd in terms of years as Speaker and to ensure that his son, Paul Martin, inherits his Glasgow parliamentary seat.

Unless he kisses and makes up with the Tories, he'll achieve neither.

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Hello Antony from a fellow Anthony and Norfolkian. We seem to share some of the same political views as well - we certainly both see ASBOs as a pointless gimmick. Have a look at my blog; it looks silly with no comments :(