Wednesday, November 01, 2006

LibDem U -Turn on Unitary Referendum?

The LibDems are hardly known for their political consistency. As a Green Councillor recently pointed out in a council debate, the LibDems don't so much have 2 policies in different areas of the country as 2 policies at different ends of the same street.

Their opposition to my referendum on Norwich's Unitary bid was a bizarre act of political opportunism. A typical Cooke attack of me was launched and the vote was lost. I questioned at the time why the party that was most committed to the use of these votes was against the plans. I never got a reply but it seems obvious now that they would never hand me the political victory.

Anyway, it has been bought to my attention that Andrew Stunnell MP, LibDem Communities Spokesman and political giant, has now declared:
"When it comes to changing democratic accountability in an area, I think there's a good argument for a referendum"

Great news, I look forward to Cllr Cooke's support when I bring this issue back to Council!


Anonymous said...

The problem with City Lib Dems, and Hereward Cooke, they are too liberal to have singular principle! Citylibdems believe in everything and dither. They box too clever for their own good, come out second best. Take the Incinerator, the poor recycling record and £2 million black hole that Cllr Waters so rightly quoted, or was it a parallel universe he quoted the City Libdems lived in to reality.

Anonymous said...

A perfect illustration why although I am a supporter of the Lib Dems nationally I have no time for the unprincipled bunch of idiots calling themselves Lib Dems in Norwich.