Thursday, November 16, 2006

Proud to be supporting our community

Last night's meeting of the Bowthorpe Community Partnership started to discuss the response to recent tragic events. I am pleased that all councillors, from both councils and both parties, have agreed that the way forward is a mass community petition that asks for a full safety review of all of the major roads - including Clover Hill Road, Chapel Break Road, Three Score Road, Bishey Barnabee Way and Dodderman Way.

It will make a powerful statament if we can make a unified stance on this - and I'm also glad that the BCP agreed to front this. A local man from Three Score is taking the lead and Councillors will be pleased to support him.

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Anonymous said...

Highways need to monitor crossings more regularly on overall safety, and standard. Too often they are lax in their monitoring and do not action cutting bacnk obscuring tree foilage or hedges, whether private landowner or developer. They also need to put up clearer advanced approach waning signs to crossings for drivers.

More proactivity needed. Lets have lots of folk sign this petition, and make so positive meaning out of this young boys tragic death.