Monday, November 06, 2006

EDP: Norwich Congestion Charge investigated

When I mentioned the threat of a Congestion Charge over 2 years ago, the reaction of my opponents was fanatical to say the least. They accused me of scaremongoring, they said I was lying and they rubbished my name.

These people can leave their apologies in the comments section - though I won't hold my breath.

ONLY the Norwich Conservatives oppose this madness.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I'm incensed by all these council spendings.

Financial Consultants £400,000.

Why don't we have a proper Treasurer, rather than farming it out to stangers?

Unitary/LG chin wags £100K+£150K

Why don't we forget Unitary Ambition and save cash.

City Hall Car Park £500K Thats £5,556 per parking space. Thats more expensive than the price of most cars. Comes at a poor financial time. Scrap it. Where's the value addition?

Why don't we turn it into a bicycle car park for now and patch the surface cracks,
Why don't more Officers/ Councilors Cycle, Park n Ride or Bus to work, and set and example and use shared leased cars for conducting council business.

We need this £1m for Wardens, road signs and more bins.