Friday, November 10, 2006

Is the Senate the GOPs Wandsworth

So the results are almost in and, if as expected, the Democrats have indeed won the last two Senate races in Vermont and Montana then the Senate will be 49 R, 49 D and 2 I.  Despite being crushed in this poll, the good thing for the GOP is that they will continue to hold the Senate.  Why?  Well the top two parties are tied and existing administration always holds on.  Hence until the 2 Independents official defect then the Democrats will find themselves shut out.  On a day-to-day basis they will vote with the Dems and Republicans will find themselves out-voted.  R with the power but not the votes, D with the votes but not the power – American democracy.


And all this time the GOP says “we held the Senate”.  Single to Wandsworth, anyone?



Anonymous said...

America is not really democracy, its a bipartisan in outcome. A narrow and controlled choice for the public to vote on. Billions spent on the two parties in campaigning effectively squeeze out any other options, unless a billionaire independent decides to race. The State models for the Senate, HoR and Presidency are all historically bizare and unrepresentative of demographics.

Its a bit like people wanting to eat more healthily, and the choice is McDonalds or KFC.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with your punditry work there, Antony. The two independents in the Senate are, Vermont's Bernie Saunders, who styles himself a democratic socialist and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, was a Democrat, ousted by his party for his support for Dubya on the Iraq war. Both have pledged to caucus with the Democrats in the Senate - effectively taking that party's whip - and tipping the balance of power in the Senate decisively towards the Dems. So far from having the votes but not the power (not for the first time!), it seems that now they will have both.

PS very interested to read your comments here: about your party's leader having a feminine face, fit for comedy. :)

Anonymous said...

You misunderstand. The first business of the Senate when it reconvenes will be its Organizing Resolution, selecting committee chairs. Lieberman and Sanders will vote with the Democrats on that, and that will give the Dems all the powers of the majority, irrespective of whether they continue to style themselves Independents.

A Democrat will certainly be Majority Leader, and the Democrats will certainly chair all the committees.

Anonymous said...

This is just the leverage that Hilary Clinton and the Democrats need.

The Republicans are starting to slip down a very long hill. They’ve lost it, at least for a term, and we both know it.

Heads up for a better world.