Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ian Gibson won't stand down

The not-very-surprising news that Labour MP Ian Gibson will contest the next General Election would not normally be note-worthy. But the comments of a close colleague and Norwich North resident bear thinking about. She is a Labour voter and big fan of Mr Gibson and yet on hearing the news declared "great, so we get an old, ill MP whose just hanging around to saddle us with the cost of a by-election."

Nice, but with phrases like "going out with my boots on" it shouldn't surprise him!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he wants that to happen so when another Labour Party stooge gets selected he will lose in the by election!!!

Anonymous said...

Ian Gibson was once referred to as an ‘invaluable scientific voice in the commons’, and has stood for many things I thought you believed in, the scrapping of student fees being a good example. He’s by no means my favourite MP, but it’s not often that you get an MP with such useful knowledge elected.

Also, he’s not afraid to say what he thinks. Remember the whole ‘inbred’ media-crisis anyone?

And if being old is a reason to not stand for a seat, then you had better cull half of parliament now then. Besides, he’s not that old. Don’t forget the average age of MPs is just over 50 ½ , and there are 14 other MPs over 70. Although I do think there are not enough young MPs, I wouldn’t stop someone standing just because of their age, that’s as bad as the A-list...

His majority may have been falling over the last 3 elections, but he’s by no means on his way out. He’s also supposed to have boundary changes on his side too.

Besides, he used to mix with the Socialist Workers Party in his early days, and not many people can claim that.

And as for your quoted labour voter- hmm, sounds like a dire lack of respect to be honest. I’d be surprised to hear a colleague of yours be so insolent about another person’s life, let alone someone’s who plays a part in running the country.

I know you’re not directly criticising him here, but just in case the thought ever crossed your mind...

Oh, and can anyone smell jealousy?

Anonymous said...

""great, so we get an old, ill MP whose just hanging around to saddle us with the cost of a by-election."

maybe you should tell her that there's the chance that poor old Gibson will reach 2013 (75 year old) and not causing a by-election.

Anonymous said...

Well he's been a better MP than Clarke in Norwich

FMcInally said...

If age is a problem you wouldn't have much of a torrie bench would you? Surely, a young Conservative MP is a contradiction in terms.
The Lib Dems would have no leader - what with Sir Ming not quite so youthful anymore (understatement of the year.)
So how come everyone is so quick to judge a Labour MP.
I think he's a damn sight better than most of the younger MP's, who are too scared to say what they really think, because they don't want to ruin the career that they have in front of them.
Nobody could ever accuse Ian Gibson of not speaking out.
Therefore I'm ecstatic he's running again.