Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday Morning (and one hell of a Saturday night!)

Look ... no baby. Louise and I are sprog free this morning. The house is clean, we got up after 10am and may even enjoy a hot, cooked breakfast. Wow, that's something.

All because Emily is at Nana and Grandad's probably having the time of her life away from the parents. Yesterday was a bit of a day for us ...

... the morning we drove to Great Yarmouth and enjoyed a walked along the front looking at the new development there. Emily came with us and rather predictably wanted to collect stones off the beach. Then after we dropped off the babe I went on the first leg of a friend's stag-do (an hour late, tut, tut). As if life couldn't get better we then saw the matinee of Buddy at the Theatre Royal - the last day of the run here in Norwich but you gotta see it at some point! Absolutely fantastic. We then walked into the City and went to the Earlham Park fireworks display. Great fireworks, but who ever was in charge of the music should be waking up with a hangover this morning ... it all went dead half way through!

Anyway, we're off out for breakfast and then off to collect our little one.

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