Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finally ... an answer

Bishey Barnabee Way is one of the main roads around both Three Score and Bowthorpe. They've had their fair share of traffic problems with the developers and now people parking on the road too. It is on a hill and pretty dangerous. But, seen as there haven't been any accident, nobody will act on the suspicion that it is a dangerous bit of road. I had been asking question, as had local people, about the chances of yellow lines. Nothing came forth other than "no". So I put down a question to full council - the nuclear button for backbench and opposition councillors - and I am pleased to say that I actually got a reponse!

They are going to measure traffic flow after the development has finished and see if there is need because BB Way is part of an important bus route ... short term bad news but long term good news I think!

Anyway it is just good to get a firm answer (for once).

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