Monday, November 06, 2006

US Mid Terms: Can the GOP do a Wandsworth?

All the polls and pundits predict that the Republicans are on for a mid-term drubbing at tomorrow's polls. Certainly the Democrats have a small poll lead - circa 4% - but all American elections turn on turnout.

During the dark days for the Tories in local government, one night the party was slaughtered across the country. However the party held a single council - Wandsworth - against the trend and that single council was proof that the Tories hadn't done badly after all. The Sun even exclaimed that Labour were "poll axed" because of their failure to take that single council.

Given the record of the GOP party machine in winning elections, I wouldn't bet against them holding the Senate and even stemming the losses in the House. But I wonder if they manage to hold an unexpected state if their spin doctors could somehow claim victory from the jaws of defeat? More on this tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Not a good night was it.

Anonymous said...

George got rightly slaughted at the ballot box on Iraq, and the incompetant post war reconstruction plans and nation building, with post war demilitarisation, debarthification, US companies like Halliburton (Rumfeldt linked) being awarded most of the contract, nearly 3000 US military dead, 12,000 Iraqi police/soldiers dead and 45,000 conservative Iraqi civilians killed, no exit strategy, quagmired US military and growing al quieda/fundimentalism in the Middle East.

George and the republicans were always going to get a slapping for Iraq, and for being what historian may review as the America's most stupid and narrow minded president.

Antony said...

They weren't slaughtered! They lost but not a landslide ... the Dems took the Senate only just and will need the votes of the Indies to win votes, and the House remains winnable for the Reps next time.

I wish it was worse, but it isn't.