Sunday, November 12, 2006

Different advice

Of all the people that have contacted me about Yarmouth - both through the comments section on thig blog and through e-mail - two stand out as polar opposites about how the party is feeling at the moment. You know how I fele on the issue but CCHQ have to take seriously the issue of what to do with disapplied candidates (those not on the A List) and those who fail to win their "local" seats. Take a look at these two and decide for yourselves.

Antony - the way in which you have handled this rejection shows what an asset you are to the party. Coming from the NE I had never really heard of you but after reading I googled you to see what your story was. You are clearly a dedicated campaigner who has spent his life promoting the Tory cause. We need people like you ... stick to the rules of the party, work hard and you'll get there. I promise.

and in contrast...

Like you Antony I am white, middle class, middle aged, happily married, able bodied and have been a hard working member of this party for many, many years. I am not on the AList and am not allowed to apply for local seats either because of the awkward nature of CCHQ. I spend my free time helping to run an association and run campaigns. Why is Dave Cameron asking so much of me with so little in return? I work for the party but the party doesn't work for me. You ask what you should do - leave them to it. Enjoy your kids for a few years and come back when sanity returns to the asylum that is CCHQ. You don't need this in your life if you don't get anything in return. Not so many years ago hard working meant something in our party. Now it's "what you are" rather than "what you do". Sorry to be so negative but so many of us feel this way.

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Anonymous said...

Regardless of my opinions of the A-list, when a party stops their own members standing up for what they believe in, something must be gravely wrong.

I don’t think those two points are as contrasting as you say. They both appear to do a similar thing in response to the A-list, and only have different outlooks and advice on it.

It would be interesting to know which one has been in the job longer…