Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last Nights Votes In Full

Last night we had questions on ..

Eaton Skatepark (Cllr Lubbock, LibDem for Eaton)
Yellow Lines in Three Score (Cllr Little, Conservative for Bowthorpe)
Waiting Restrictions on Woodcock Road (Cllr Collishaw, Conservative for Catton Grove)
Safety on Magdalen Road (Cllr Divers, LibDem for Thorpe Hamlet)
East-West Rail Link (Cllr Couzens, LibDem for Eaton)
City Hall use of recycled paper (Cllr Stephenson, Green for Nelson)
Allotment waiting lists (Cllr Llewellyn, Green for Wensum)
Clarence Harbour site (Cllr Gledhill, Green for Nelson)
Future of Heathgate (Cllr Jago, Green for Mancroft)
Sale of Mariners Lane Car Park (Cllr Altman, Green for Mancroft)
Nottingham Declaration (Cllr Read, Green for Wensum)
Recycling plastics (Cllr Ramsay, Green for Nelson)
Car Parking (Cllr Holmes, Green for Wensum)

If you want to know the answers please just let me know.

On putting £150k into the Unitary bid it was carried 34-2 (only Conservatives opposing it).

On the Tree Strategy it wa scarried 27-0 with 9 abstentions (The Green Party)

The Packagaing and Waste motion was referred to the Waste Working Group by 27-9 (Greens opposing, all others in favour)

Educational Attainment was carried 34-0 with 2 abstentions (Conservatives)


Anonymous said...

Why did the Greens object to the Tree Strategy? Did they object to tree surgeons using chainsaws rather than axes?

Antony said...

They objected because it didn't go far enough ... they wanted more detail but this was only a strategy document! They abstained in the end. I think the LibDems will use that against them!

Anonymous said...

Considering Adrian Ramsey was chair of the tree strategy select committee for the best part of 2 years I amazed that he could not support strategy he has been working on. How poor is that. But the worrying thing is that all the greens wailed to grip the difference between the strategy and the mangement of it!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that most councillors do not understand the "causes" for Norwich's low educational attainment. Basically it is the collective erosion of the triangular parent, pupil and teacher relationship, especially amongst ACORN 5 households/ wards. Lets call a spade a spade! Why in many schools have parents of pupils themselves have underattained with their education. Even in good schools parents evening attendence where strong learning/ support bonds are made, parent attendence is often less than 60% and usually only involves one parent attending to scutinise a pupils classroom behaviour, homework and attainment, especially between the ages of 11-16, when it really matters. One cannot blame government, LEA, School Facilities or teacher quality.

What do you think Antony, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Anonymous said...

the thought of Morph/Blowers Lubbock & Co being in charge of education in the city doesn't exactly fill me with hope. The only hope is if they ask someone who actually knows about a Little about education or has the Balls to make a Sterling job of it I bet they don't though.

Do the opinions of the residents of the areas likely to be swallowed up by the Unitary authority from other councils get a say in the matter? Do our opinions matter? I moved out of the city five years and the council couldn't even get my council tax sorted. One week i was owed a refund, the next (2 days before i moved) i had a summons for non-payment! Thankfully once the evening news got involved (can't imagine who told them!) an apology was issued. Pity thay didn't apologise when asked! Now do i really want to go back and suffer under Morph Mania?

Anonymous said...

Antony, is the Waste Management Working Group a secret political waste bin, where City Labour can cast waste issues it doesn't wish to tackle? As a member of the WMWG can you say whether the public are going to be exstatic with its end proposals, or rightly sceptical for its current perception that nothing significant will come from the WMWG, and it is solely a talking shop that gives waste issues a "dragged out funeral and burial"? Will Morph and Morrey reject any eventual WMWG proposals anyway for lack of cash, or that hardcore Labour voters (black baggers)are allegic to recycling in wards like Mile Cross? Should the publc be able to scutinise WMWG meetings and minutes, like PDP meetings in South Norfolk?

Anonymous said...

Antony..I have just looked at your blogs and have found the threads interesting.

I have a question for you in connection to the last comment on waste collection. Which Officers and Councillors are actually on the Waste Management Working Group?

Antony said...

Officers come and go as they are due to report. Generally we hear from Anna Graves, Director of Strategic Development, and Andy Jarvis.

Councillor wise the group is Chaired by Green Adrian Ramsay with Labour's Executive Member for Development Brian Morrey as Vice Chair.

I can't remember in full but it certainly involves Cllr Lay (L), Cllr Lubbock (LD), me (C), Cllr Llewellyn (G).

Anonymous said...

I read the Service Inspection Report, Audit Commission report to the Executive 1/11/06 that most aspects / measurements recycling and waste collection remained "POOR", with no clear way forward. Costs per tonne were up 20% from £34 to £41 / tonne, and the Officers/Council had mostly failed to implement any of its fine zero waste aims from 2002 (point 100, Anna Graves).

Personally the Recommendations are rubbish. ie lets talk, produce figures, reports, strategies and more wind and paperwork, and have another post mortem.

Lets get some proper systems in place that get results in recycling and composting. Anna Graves and officers, where are they?? Your the paid experts!!

Are not Council Officers not waste experts with are the technical and professional answers, or are they just paper/report/powerpoints shufflers stating the obvious, or are they just a waste of public money?

Where is the officer leadership, expertise, knowledge, getting things done, vision and vision.

What a mess! What would Donald Trump or Alan Sugar be saying at this stage??

Anonymous said...

I agree, the public awareness of recycling in "hardpressed" Labour wards is poor. Perhaps its a Labour fault for not not having a policy to tackle this education problem at last Mays election. They seemed to have the ASB solutions in the locker.