Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Green Party: One Track Minds?

Rupert Read has never been the most respected political figure in Norwich and his regular outbursts at full council will ensure that he never is either.

The Green Party frontbencher speaking on Transport Issues said this last night:

"Councillor Little spends a long time telling us why he is against Unitary. I'll tell you in two words why I'm for it ... Westlegate pedestrianisation."

He then went on to say that this was his only reason (not that, ONLY) why he was in favour of unitary.

You could say that Cllr Read was willing to financially screw the City and its residents and destroy local services over a piece of road.

Or you could say that he can't cope with the complexity of the issue.

Either way, his contribution did his party no good.

UPDATE: Thanks to an e-mailing friend who points out that Green County Councillors vote on issues that only effect county areas, like Cromer, Great Yarmouth or Diss. If they believe so strongly in the unitary principle will all Green - and Labour and LibDem Councillors - promise to abstain on issues that don't affect the City? Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

Rupert sometimes isn't the brightest Green pixey in the forest, always trying to fing the rice crispy in the corn flake packet.

Antony said...


Anonymous said...

Re: Green Couty Councilors (2) where elected both in Norwich Divisions (Town Close for Chris Hull and Univeristy for Dr Andrew Boswell). Is not a dereliction to their electorate not to vote on Norwich issues? I have also hear down at the compost heap, Cllr Read, or his Troskyite beliefs are not held in high regard by his more mature Humanist county colleagues?

Anonymous said...

When i was at University Read always put his name to every type of protest. It commonly became known that if you wanted a protest to fail then you recruited Read to help out and rant till everyone got bored and didn't take the cause seriously anymore

Anonymous said...

That's what Sergeant Rae said to someone on a clip of Bad Lads Army shown on the NTAs last night. Are you Sergeant Rae?

Anonymous said...

Don't think Rupert would survive Bad Lads Army somehow!? He'd always demand organic porridge for breakfast, rather than compo rations.

Anonymous said...

What a load of sad gits you are. At least Read has some passion about him. And, when I was last in Norwich, it looked like he had achieved quite a lot -- e.g. People at Uni talk about him having brought about the ethical investment at the Uni there.
Which of you commenters can say as much?
Getta life, bloggers.
Len G. Fletcher, London