Thursday, November 23, 2006

Capital Programme in Bowthorpe

I have just got the capital budget spending for Bowthorpe. For your interest:

1. Lighting scheme for Smeat Street, Clover Hill
2. Park Improvements for Atkinson Close, Chapel Break
3. New Park Equipment for Clover Hill (tba)
4. 5 a side football goals for Fourways (Earlham)
5. Rejuvenating Clover Hill Community Centre
6. Toad Crossings on Chapel Break Road
7. Road surfacing on Dereham Road (between Wendene and Gurney Road)
8. Cycling Scheme from West Earlham to City Centre
9. Pavement improvements on Rockingham Road
10. Play equipment via 106 money for Chapel Break and Three Score
Views on this welcome


Anonymous said...

Antony, Excellent work from you and other Bowthorpe councillors. Most items in the list are really important and hard won.

Anonymous said...

They all look like very just programs, but without knowing the area that well it's hard to know what the alternatives were.

Nothing there is groundbreaking, even if it is a small area. No offence however, as I’m sure it's a bad reflection on the amount of power local governments have, rather than the councillors involved.

Or maybe their budgets...