Saturday, June 28, 2008

LibDems Winning Here ... in Crewe, Henley & now Glasgow East

I have long been an opponent of the slogan "Winning Here", used by the LibDems, on the basis that if you don't win here or people don't believe you can win here then you look utterly ridiculous. Indeed, if you misjudge that prediction then people are less likely to believe it the next time.

For example, there was much amusement in Norwich when the LibDems continued to use that slogan here in 07 and 08, given the dreadful results for the party which saw a volley of seats lost. Knocking on doors around the City, people couldn't believe the arrogance of the party when everyone knew the LibDems were losing ward after ward.

They are now also taking a kicking from their own side, for ramping their chances in Crewe and Henley and then failing miserably in each. After all, if the LibDems don't win by-elections then what are they for?

After the events the LibDems are saying they didn't expect to win either seat; yet oddly enough before the poll these self same LibDems were saying that the result was too close to call!

I understand why they do it; because the LibDems must counter the wasted vote arguement and convince people they are worth voting for because they can win. However they do tend to use it no matter where in the country or what the previous results.

I hope the LibDems have an internal debate about their campaigning style, though from my experience of them they'll stick their fingers in their ears and hum until it all goes away. I think they ought to ask why they are the most negative and the most personal of all the parties. But, again, I'm sure they won't.

We await the slogan and the campaign in Glasgow East with some anticipation.


Paul said...

I hated that slogan 'Winning Here' even when we were winning here in Norwich - it was just, well... un-sophisticated.

You're right Antony, when the LDs continue to use the slogan whilst losing it makes them look utterly foolish!

While I was an LD councillor I refused to have that slogan in Nelson.

Mark M Heenan said...

I think it's one of the great typos of our time. It should read "Liberal Democrats - whining here"