Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why did Wendy Alexander resign?

Wendy Alexander made a fairly small error regarding party finance (in terms of cash sums) and has been punished by parliament. She's stuck out a lot of abuse from her opponents, notably the SNP, and also the media. And now, suddenly, she quit. Now I should be delighted and using this blog post to gloat. But this resignation has left me more confused than pleased.

Why go now? The pressure was finally lifting, Labour have a by-election in Scotland they'll need to fight hard and leadership is important. But she walked away ... a two fingered salute to politics? A moment of weakness? Well, Wendy is sister of International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander. I just can't help wondering if he knew of her intent before she quit - in fact, I wonder if she sought her advise?

Brown, at the time of his anniversary, is battered by a second by-election bruising and depressing polls. Blair's leadership was challenged by a volley of PPS resignations; I just wonder if Brown's leadership is being challenged by a higher authority?

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