Monday, June 09, 2008

And they're off ...

After a few weeks off from campaigning, my letterbox has now become the new frontline. Last week we recieved the latest Green newsletter, proclaiming victory on all fronts in Town Close (well done them); they got in first too. Then yesterday we recieved a copy of "Town Close Matters" Conservative leaflet - of course I'd seen it before but it's always nice to recieve something you agree with 100%. And today, MP Charles Clarke had a glossy leaflet come through the door, persumably by paid deliverer as it was bundled up with other leaflets. I note the subtle change from red to green printing colour ... a political message there by any chance?

Both Tory and Green leaflets led with the local election results; Clarke's was full of glossy words and pcitures of him around the City promoting government policy. No mention of VED or 42 days. I wonder why?

The Greens also covered the post office closures, 20mph zones, City college redevelopment and their failed plans for an all-party exec. The Conservative one also featured an article on unitary, law & order and the cost of living. Charles Clarke went on crime, CCTV, park rangers and cycle paths in Whittlingham. I'd be interested in your views if you have recieved these leaflets.

This evening I have been finishing the wording for a new Conservative campaigning project and tomorrow I am addressing a street meeting about crime and anti-social behaviour.


Paul said...

I noticed the Unison/Labour Link logo on the back of Charles' leaflet.

Interestingly the leaflet is not printed in Norwich or Norfolk for that matter...

Anonymous said...

Charles's glossy brochure came through with the local Chinese takeaway. I did prefer the crispy fried Duck with plum better.

Labour: Obviously pushing top down approaches/successes. ASB from on high.
Not much on new jobs, economic stimulus or life with higher prices.

Conservaties: Like their targeting ASB, grafitti, fly tipping. litter and vandalism. Value for money council tax position. Dislike anti unitary position or consideration. Its rather negative Canutism against the tide.

Greens: Like extra recycling priorities, pro microgeneration, more allotments, more bike network/routestree planting replacements. Dislike power sharing proposals, piousness and anti 30,000 greater Norwich development stanc.

Lib Dems: ??

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems are saving trees.